Faculty Senate


Section 1.  Purpose.   The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to enable the faculty to better assume and administer those responsibilities appropriate to it; make possible the concerted and focused leadership of the faculty; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in a parliamentary manner and facilitate the execution and instrumentation of those ideas; and regularize the discussion process in order to improve communications among faculty and between faculty and the rest of the campus.

Section 2.  Responsibilities.  The faculty through its Senate has primary responsibility for all academic matters and those aspects of student life which relate to the academic process.  Its areas of responsibility include the following:

            a.         Curriculum
            b.         Methods of instruction
            c.         Study and attendance regulations
            d.         Research
            e.         Faculty status and welfare
            f.          Academic requirements for graduation, admission, retention, readmission.


Chronicle of Higher Education
American Association of University Professors