Principia Observatory


The Principia Observatory is open!

Hours during academic term: 9-11 spring to autumn; 8-10 pm Thanksgiving through spring break 

If you are interested in becoming an operator, please contact the current student manager (Shea Cheatham).

For more information about our observatory, click here.

Faculty/Staff Operators

* David Cornell (Professor Emeritus of Physics)
* Tom Fuller
* Cathy Hooper
* Jonathan Langton
* Grant Larsen
* Steve Ward

Senior Operators

* Claire Douglas
* James Lindsey
* Shea Cheatham
* Tori Cheatham
* Kenneth Stack


* Mason Williams
* Vince Lomasolo
* Sara Stephenson
* Gage Edgar
* Matt Herman
* Brandon Talcott
* Emmanuel Nabiswa